tmj chiropractic

TMJ Chiropractic

Temporomandibular (TMD) is a common disorder which affects temporomandibular joint (TMJ) joints which surrounds the facial muscle. The disorder causes severe pain and headache causing a problem in opening mouth. There are several medications maybe prescribed to you to relieve the condition, some of the treatment include TMD treatment, the treatment that targets the main cause of the disorder like reversing bite misalignment and muscle tension. The main treatment of TMJ is when the patient bones and muscles are incorrectly positioned chiropractor is used to easing the condition. View this website for more information about TMJ chiropractic treatment.

Causes of TMD

Disc problems, this is cartilage that cushions the TMD joint. When the disk has displacement or derangement it has a great effect on the overall function of muscles. When the jaw produces noise when chewing it is a sign of condyle moving over and back due to displaced disk.

Muscle dysfunction is the most common cause of TMJ. The muscle that performs the tasks of moving jaw up and down becomes dysfunctional. It affects the temporalis muscles, lateral steroid, and masseter muscles. Chirapractor is used to relieve this condition.

Arthritis is a degenerative joint disease that is caused by TMJ itself. This is a disease where the joints tear and degrade.

How to take care of TMJ pain

tmj chiropractic

A different prescription is administered depending on the cause of the disorder. The main cause of TMJ muscle dysfunction corrective adjustments is done using a chiropractor. The tmj chiropractic procedure is used to press the jaw and upper spine to ease the nerves in your mouth and increase the jaw range space movement. In addition, active release therapy is done together with the adjustments. This is a tissue-based therapy done to remove tissues scar and break up adhesions surrounding the facial muscles and ligaments. It the most effective method done together with chiropractic treatments.

When prescribed with TMJ medication you should not eat hard food that requires hard chewing you should take soft food to improve the TMJ healing time.

chiropractic pain management

Chiropractic Pain Management for Breast Cancer Patients

Pain management is an essential part of the successful treatment of breast cancer. If you have pain, the sternness and occurrence of a swollen breast may depend on various factors, depending on the type and stage of your condition, your treatment plan as well as your leniency for pain.

Various methods have been applied including pain medication such as opioids and have not yet produced the best result. There are cases where some of the prescribed treatment plans for breast cancer may include tough therapy which may interfere with the general fertility of the patient thus causing a big threat.

After serious consideration of this case, the physicians noted a few positive facets through the application of chiropractic pain management. This is a kind of therapy that deals on the body structure especially the spinal cord. It manipulates the alignments of the body to reduce pain and facilities the normal function of the body to heal its self.

Chiropractic pain management includes manual therapy and ergonomic training. This kind of practice may vary depending on each state, but the application of chiropractic therapy through the physicians had been reported to yield better results compared to other methods of pain reduction. Nowadays most of the cancer patients are opting for this method along with their conventional treatment.

chiropractic pain managementIt has also been noted that doctors of chiropractic are able to assist in the treatment of complications brought about by prolonged bed rest, pain due to radiation fibrosis, neuropathies, as well as functional abnormalities, thus reducing over-dependence of pain medication. Stress and other side effects associated with chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation will have a serious effect on the normal life of a breast cancer patient. However, chiropractic will be useful in minimizing the overall damage to the patient. The main goal for chiropractic therapy is to help the patient to reduce pain as their healing processes are taking place.

TMJ physical therapy for jaw pain

TMJ Physical Therapy

TMJ is a common disorder that affects the jawline connective joint. This disorder is usually caused as a result of arthritis, grinding of the teeth or an injury at the jaw. The disorder more often causes stiffness and severe pain in the jaw. The severity of the symptoms of this disorder can be decreased with physical therapy and moderate treatment.
Apart from causing pains, it can cause locking of the jaw if left untreated and thereby making it difficult to properly close and open the mouth. It can also affect the jaw alignment, thus bringing about an uneven bite.


This disorder is normally treated by administering a combined medication for symptoms of pain. Over-the-counter medications can be the right option for treating pain. Those with severe cases of this disorder can consider taking a muscle relaxer to prevent labored or locking movement by loosening the jaw muscles.

TMJ Physical Therapy

TMJ physical therapy for jaw pain

Your doctor can also recommend you to a physical therapist also to increase temporomandibular joint flexibility and strengthen the jaw muscles.

A common exercise commonly recommended for patients with this disorder is the max opening. This is performed by first opening the mouth as wide as possible, then you place a hand on the chin, and you try to increase the opening by making a gentle push. You need to hold on this for half a minute before you can release. While performing it, there usually occurs a feeling of a slight pull but then you will not experience any pain. This exercise needs to be done at least four times each day.

Lateral movement exercise is another one you need to try. You can start by the left lateral movement which is performed by sliding the jaw the left side as far as possible. Using your right hand, gently push the jaw for an additional stretch to the left. Hold on this for half an hour and then release. There is a feeling of a slight stretch but no pain shall be experienced. After this, use the same process to perform the right lateral movement. You need to repeat these four times each day.

woman having abdomen muscle pain during pregnancy

Having abdomen muscle pain during pregnancy?

Remember the excitement you felt when you tested positive to that pregnancy test? No, the world wasn’t spinning around. It was your excitement taking you realms you otherwise wouldn’t have been to. Fast forward a few months today. Are you having abdomen muscle pain during pregnancy? Don’t worry, an experienced chiropractor in Kogarah, NSW says that massage could help you. Abdominal muscle pains during pregnancy are not unusual and do not hurt the baby in any way. It’s not an apocalyptic sign and it is definitely not the abortion of the pregnancy. A good understanding of its causes is this very important before going to the therapist as this is most important ever to a number of people.

Causes of abdomen muscle pain during pregnancy

• Constipation

Round ligament pains

• Contractions

• Normal abdominal complications during pregnancy

Massage as remedy to abdominal pain

The first thing to note is that it is perfectly fine to have massage sessions during pregnancies. Massages are very effective in providing relief from pains and discomforts during pregnancies. Seeing a massage therapist would be the best if the above-mentioned pains appear during pregnancies.

massage for abdomen muscle pain during pregnancy

Benefits of a massage therapy during pregnancy

  • Massage helps to regulate the hormones during pregnancy and ensures that the fluctuations in the hormonal system that cause pains during pregnancy are reduced.
  •  Massage therapy helps to revitalize soft tissues and in the process prevent swellings otherwise known as Edema.
  • By providing soothing relief to the bones and joints, massages reduce back pains and in the process relieve the abdominal region of unnecessary stress.
  • Also, massages help to relax the muscles during pregnancy. With relaxed muscles, the risk of contraction pains is reduced.

The benefits that come from the therapeutic experience of massage therapy are very evident. Nevertheless, it is important to make sure you are being handled by a professional massage therapist.

woman with facial pain and swelling

How to soothe facial pain and swelling due to dental problems

If you’ve never experienced severe pain resulting from a common dental problem, then you’re naïve when we talk about a persistent toothache. Gum swelling and pain is an indication of tooth infection. Thus there is a need to seek medical attention from a dentist for urgent evaluation before it becomes severe. You can visit to read more about how to deal with facial pain and swelling due to dental problems.

A patient can try home remedies like salt water rinses, cold compresses, and over-the-counter medication that can soothe pain and swelling. But one should visit their dentist as soon as possible.

woman with facial pain and swelling of gum

Schedule an urgent appointment with your dentist. When you experience a toothache accompanied by fever, pain, or swelling of the face, cheek, or gums, you’ll need to. Delaying can result to further problems as its symptoms are related to an infection.
Apply ice. How does cold therapy help to ease swelling? Well, applying an ice pack to a swollen check reduces inflammation, minimizes fluid buildup, and temporarily narrows the blood vessels.

Take caution not to apply ice directly to the skin as it can subject you to tissue damage and further pain. Instead, wrap a bag of crushed ice cubes in a towel before you apply on your cheek.
Rinse and clean. Rinsing the cheek with warm water salt is a traditional home remedy. When you expose your mouth tissues to a saltier solution than body fluids, it’s deemed to dehydrate the exposed tissues, remove excess water from the gums, and decrease swelling.
Relieve severe pain. The recommended anti-inflammatory medication is a way to relieve pain and swelling resulting from a toothache. So any time you discuss with your dentist, always inquire about the recommended dose of your painkillers.

Exercises To Combat Text Neck

People usually spend up to five hours or more in a day just scrolling down on their phones. This is not a healthy thing as it can lead to some dangerous conditions like for instance text neck pains and aches.  To know more about this exercises visit

Text neck condition tightens typically and compresses the tendons, muscles and the structures of the ligament that are found in the front side of the neck as it lightens those structures at the back side of the neck. Our heads usually weigh at around 10 pounds. For any single inch that the head tilts, the neck carries double weight, and this strain adds up over time.

We should, therefore, learn on some of the ways on how to combat text neck as ditching our devices cannot be the option to go with. Introducing ourselves to the right exercises and practicing good habits to help us prevent this condition is the way to go with.

Text Neck Exercises

Exaggerated nod

This type of exercise helps in counterbalancing the forward/downward position of the head by merely pulling the shoulders backward and down and thereby leading to increased mobility of the head.

Downward-Facing Dog

The exercise is helpful in the opening the chest wall interiors and also the shoulders that are usually tightened and rounded from too much tech usage. The downward facing dog exercise is all about the strength of the upper body meaning that those who lack depth at the shoulder, they need to do this by moving them upwards to their ears.

Chin Tuck

This is the most straightforward text neck relieving exercise that you can perform just right from your desk, while at the meeting or even at a stoplight. The training helps to increase the awareness of the spinal as the neck muscles are strengthened helping your head pull back your head into alignment.

Fit And Healthy Body

How To Have A Fit And Healthy Body

Being overweight is not a good thing. Studies have shown that obese people are more likely to lead a shorter life compared to healthy and healthy people. Obesity is linked to diabetes, high blood pressure and other illnesses that shorten the lives of those days. Do something about it as soon as possible if you have problems with the weight. Look for a body fitness training program that will help you lose weight and stay healthy.

Do you want to get rid of the excess fat in your body? Visit the abdominoplasty clinic in Sydney. Allow them to help you look for ways to getting rid of your excess fat.

All over the world, there are many fitness centers and gyms offering various types of body fitness training programs. Qualified trainers oversaw these training and will, therefore, ensure that you complete the training and achieve the goals. It takes time to reach the fitness goals. However, with the help of a good teacher, you will certainly move in the right direction.

Benefits of the Body Fitness Training Program

Fit And Healthy BodyBody fitness training programs offer many benefits. In addition to losing a few pounds, it helps build your self-esteem, reduce anxiety and stress, strengthen bones and lower blood pressure. How does fitness training help build self-esteem? Those who are overweight are often self-confident and uncomfortable. This is especially true when people around them are healthy and fit. A body fitness training program can boost self-esteem by helping you lose weight and improving your appearance. Being healthy and looking healthy has a tremendous positive impact on self-esteem.

How long do you have to work out daily to have a fit and healthy body?

Exercise at least thirty minutes a day to stay in top condition. If you do not have the time to exercise, all you have to do is spend at least three times a week. Do simple exercises like walking or climbing stairs. Take the stairs instead of taking the elevator to the office. Climbing stairs helps burn more calories than you can imagine. In addition, climbing the stairs is free! That way you can save money while staying healthy and fit.

Invisalign Retainers- What To Expect

As your primary objective in having orthodontic treatment might be cosmetic, you ought to comprehend that a trained, experienced Invisalign dentist is much more concerned than just the appearance of your smile. She is concerned with your overall health – and malocclusion, or a lousy bite due to poorly-aligned teeth, can cause a great deal of discomfort in ways that you would not expect and they know how to ease discomfort from new braces.

Invisalign is an ideal orthodontic treatment for those who suffer from mild to moderate malocclusion. They are much easier and more comfortable than regular metal braces, which have become virtually obsolete in the decade or so that Invisalign has been available as a treatment option.

Invisalign retainers- What to expect.

After your initial consultation, a dental technician will take an impression of your teeth. This impression will be used as the basis of your first custom-made Invisalign retainer, or “tray.” As your teeth gradually move into their proper positions, you will need to return to your dentist about every two weeks or so to have new trays made.

It`s also vitally important that you wear the retainers every possible moment, removing them only for eating and cleaning your teeth. Those who claim that Invisalign treatments were of little help are those who failed to follow their dentist’s instructions and did not wear the Invisalign retainers as much as was required.

Remember that while Invisalign is perhaps the most effective orthodontic treatment available today, it works only to the extent that you do.

Aside from the apparent benefits of Invisalign (the fact that they are invisible and can be removed easily), most patients find that they get better results in a much shorter amount of time. Whereas people may wind up wearing braces for five years or longer, excellent results can be achieved with Invisalign in eighteen months on average.

Is The Invisalign Treatment Option Right for Me?

Your dentist can only answer this question. Make an appointment today; while Invisalign is not right for every patient, the fact is that almost a million people worldwide have benefited from this revolutionary treatment.

TMJ Facial Pain Relief

TMJ (temporomandibular joint) is an oral condition caused by a form of arthritis in the jaw joint. This joint is responsible for the movement and function of your jaw that allows you to move your facial muscles around. Other possible causes of TMJ include teeth grinding, genetics, and excessive stretching of the jaw. Seek professional help if you feel that you have so much pain on your facial area and call them today for an appointment. These causes can result in many other disorders making it difficult to know if TMJ is the cause of your discomfort.

Common symptoms of TMJ include:

  • Swelling on the side of your face
  • A headache
  • Immobility of the jaw
  • Pain around the neck and jaw area

Some of the practical methods of TMJ facial pain relief include:

  • Warm Compress to the affected area
    This helps in promoting relaxation to the facial muscles thus, supporting TMJ pain relief.
  • Dietary Changes
    There are food types that can aggravate TMJ pains due to the chemicals and ingredients in them. Foods such as citrus that contain iron content and vitamin C are highly recommended. If the TMJ is severe, you should try foods that are high in hyaluronic acid found in animal tendons.

    • Stress Control
      TMJ joint gets overused when you are stressed as you will tend to tighten the jaws, tense your face, and grind your teeth. It’s known to contribute in eroding the joints which lead to TMJ pains. Sleeping early and meditation will reduce stress and relief the pains.
  • Stretching
    Stretching in and around the mouth eases tension and stress in your jaw.
  • Posture improvements
    Bad posture can have a detrimental effect on your muscles causing them to tighten and tense up. Our upper and lower teeth should be slightly apart while the lips are closed. Specific facial exercises can help such as mandibular movements where you close and open your lower jaw and move them slowly from side to side.

It’s advised to seek medical attention if TMJ pain is severe. If left untreated, it can cause the jaw to lock leading to secondary symptoms like weight loss and a decline in oral health.

Sports Chiropractor

The Roles Of Sports Chiropractor

Chiropractors are not selective. A chiropractor can treat someone who has a sports injury. Chiropractic care is an alternative medical treatment for your sports injury. When evaluating your health problems, a chiropractor will ask you questions about your lifestyle, diet, family and, of course, about your sports. He will ask you about the incidents that happened, what caused the pain. You may be asked to have diagnostic procedures that may be necessary to identify the exact problem. After obtaining the results, the chiropractor can evaluate the correct treatment you need.

The science of chiropractic is concerned with restoring a person’s health by allowing the body to heal itself. This goal is achieved by aligning the vertebra and providing the necessary nutrients for a complete recovery. When the body is properly aligned and fed properly, it will regain its strength and heal itself. Thus, the desire to have healthier well-being is achieved.

People who practice any sport can request chiropractic treatment. Therefore, if you like basketball, swimming, baseball, soccer, cycling, athletics, volleyball or tennis, visit the sports chiropractor joints and limbs checkups

Understanding this need, chiropractic has become a fundamental part of the National Football League. It has also become an essential element of national sporting events, such as the Olympic Games.

Sports ChiropractorInjured sports people are advised to perform certain movements that cannot damage the spine and prevent further injuries. A chiropractor not only aims to temporarily eliminate pain but also helps stop potential pain and harm by telling you the right way to get up, sit down and move.

If you are an athlete, do not wait for the pain to attack you or accidents. Take some time to visit a chiropractor. Remember that you only have two legs and two hands, which are essential for your sport. Losing just one of them will make a big difference in the way you play, or you can wreak havoc on your ego.

You do not even have to wait for the pain symptoms. Your participation in sports is sufficient reason for you to enjoy a chiropractic examination. Being treated by a chiropractor can also improve your sports skills and abilities.