Chiropractic Care For TMJ

“TMJ” is an articulated joint that connects the lower jaw (mandible) with the temporal bone in the skull. The compound of the ATM is flexible since it must allow the movement to chew, speak, yawn, etc. The muscles surrounding the TMJ are very active in daily life. To know more about how the chiropractor can help TMJ dysfunction just click here!

TMJ dysfunctions are painful and difficult to ignore, as the joint is responsible for helping with daily activities, such as eating. Those who suffer from the temporomandibular disorder or TMD (often misnamed TMJ) experience pain due to improper movement of the jaw.

The TMD is assumed to be caused by a series of problems, including:

  • Change or tighten your teeth.Arthritis of the jaw
  • Distribution
  • Arthritis of the jaw
  • Stress
  • Trauma
  • Joint degenerative disease.

Since TMD is so destructive to daily work, it is essential to seek the help of a medical professional. Chiropractic care is a smart place to look for TMT rehabilitation. The chiropractor will examine the muscles and ligaments around the joint and make adjustments manually or with instruments until the area is reconstructed correctly. It is also important to relax the muscles that cause stress around the restricted area. After seeking chiropractic care, a person suffering from TMD should avoid excessive exposure to the jaw. This means restricting the diet to softer foods, and not chewing gum, ice or solid foods. If possible, permanent jaw surgery should be avoided.

The chiropractor will perform a detailed study of the problem and, after a proper understanding of the cause of the problem, treatment will begin. Chiropractic deals with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders that have a mechanical nature and the effect it has on the nervous system and human health. Chiropractic care for tmj is gaining popularity today. If you have been diagnosed with TMJ dysfunction or if you have symptoms and suspect that you may have a TMD, visit chiropractic for an initial evaluation. A chiropractor can help determine the severity of your dysfunction and create an individualized care plan for your treatment.

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