Chiropractic Jaw Adjustment

Many people usually think that going to a chiropractor simply means that you need spine adjustment. However, chiropractors can adjust other body parts including the jaw. Note that the jaw is a type of a working joint that facilitates various movements. And because it can move up and down or sideways, it’s possible for it to be misaligned. In case of misalignment, it can be caused by certain oral conditions and you can learn some of them when you visit this link: Otherwise, it’s possible to go for a chiropractic jaw adjustment to fix this problem.

Causes of Jaw Misalignment

The jaw functions just like most joints. It consists of temporal-mandibular joints which are found on either side. And like the spinal code, this joint has a disc which acts as a protective cushion. However, there are times when the disc or joint may fail to function effectively and this could be as a result of various factors which include:

•Poor head posture
Teeth grinding
•Prolonged dental procedures chiropractic jaw adjustment
•Stress and trauma caused by injuries or blunt force

When to Undergo a Chiropractic Jaw Adjustment

There is a wide range of issues that may force you to seek the services of a chiropractor. Some of the possible jaw issues and associated problems that you may experience include:

•Jaw pain
Headaches and neck pain
•Weakened jaw muscles
•Inability to completely close your mouth or fully open it i.e. a locked or stiff jaw
•Grinding sounds along the jaw or clicking

If you experience one or more of the above-mentioned symptoms, it means that your jaw needs to be adjusted. The chiropractor will adjust it depending on the symptoms and the position of the disc. Note that the adjustment process usually involves the use of hands and sometimes an instrument that’s known as the “activator.” The overall goal of this procedure is to ensure that your jaw is a realigned in order to reduce joint tension and ease pressure on the muscles which are around it.


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