Chiropractic Massage to Release Muscle Tension – All you need to know

Chiropractic treatment was developed in 1895 by Daniel David Palmer in Davenport, Iowa, USA. It involves diagnosis and manipulative adjustments to misaligned joints by hands of a Chiropractor. The term ‘Chiropractor’ originated from the English ‘Chiro’ meaning ‘hand’ and Greek ‘Praktikos’ which means ‘practical’ in the early 20th century. This alternative medicinal system is mostly practiced in America, Canada and Australia but people in other parts of the world are now turning towards chiropractic massage to release muscle tension like on your chest muscles due to its efficacy, economy and ease of application.

Chiropractic Treatment Methodology. release muscle tension

The treatment that’s completely hand based broadly includes diagnosis, removal of dysfunction and then easing of muscular tension. A trained and experienced Chiropractor can achieve amazing results in just one sitting and relieve the sprain that most muscle relaxant medicines can’t cure. The modern lifestyle and work culture has minimized body movements and we spend most of our daily routine in sitting posture. This causes muscles to form knots due to inactivity leading to muscular sprains and tension. These can be avoided with regular exercises and Yoga to a large extent but not completely. Chiropractors use the following methods to release muscle tension :-

(a) Diagnosis and Manipulation. The Chiropractor firstly tries to locate the problem area and then isolates the muscle knot that’s formed. Knots generally result from some restraint or dysfunction, which can be corrected through manipulative action in order to remove these.

(b) Massage. Once the dysfunction and/or restraint is removed, the tension or sprain that has developed needs to be released. Massage is a great therapeutic technique to release muscle tension.

(c) Heat and Ice Treatment. Heat increases the blood flow to the affected area and also assists to release muscle tension by expanding them. Ice on the other hand, contracts the muscles and therefore increases the effectiveness of heat when used alternatively.


It’s essential to include an exercise regimen in your daily routine and also do some minimal stretching during your office to avoid muscular sprains. Chiropractic treatment is one of the best alternative medicine methodologies for curing muscle pains and tensions. Therefore, it’s important to keep in mind that a timely visit to a good Chiropractor can save lot of discomfort, pain, time and money.

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