Does fibromyalgia affect your teeth?

Fibromyalgia is a disorder that particularly affects the muscles and cannot be said to be a dental problem. But to answer the question “does fibromyalgia affect your teeth?” the answer is yes. People who are affected with this muscle defect are at risk of developing oral problem and teeth cavities.  However, this can be prevented when you visit a dental care provider at Burwood.

How does fibromyalgia affect your teeth

Dental problems arise through associated symptoms of fibromyalgia such as temporomandibular joint pain. Temporomandibular causes facial pain, mastication problems, and muscle pain in the jaw, ear, and neck. Temporomandibular joint is the most affected by fibromyalgia, It’s with this reason that fibromyalgia somehow relates to teeth problem.

Dental problems associated with fibromyalgia

a) Xerostomia

Drugs such as muscle relaxants, anti-depressant, hypotonic, and others which are given to treat fibromyalgia may give rise to xerostomia (dry mouth). Having xerostomia and fibromyalgia together may give rise to other dental condition. Saliva plays an important role in acid and carbohydrate neutralization when taking food. Lack of saliva in the mouth can, therefore, lead to an attack on teeth and even gum.

Dry mouth means that there is no saliva generated and these leaves the teeth vulnerable to decay. Having this condition may require one to take extra care of teeth.

b) Teeth grinding does fibromyalgia affect your teeth

This is a another dental condition that may arise due to fibromyalgia. This condition causes the wearing out of the teeth enamel. This is very risky as it may cause extreme pain and even breakage of teeth. Teeth grinding can be controlled by wearing a mouth guard at all times.

c) Mastication problem

Fibromyalgia causes pain to teeth and this becomes very painful when chewing. A person may find it difficult to chew food using his teeth due to the pain.

In conclusion

Proper brushing and cleaning of teeth are very important when you have fibromyalgia. Always ensure that your mouth is moisturized and do regular flossing.


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