Facial Pressure Points (Acupressure Points) To Sooth Tooth Pain

Troubling tooth pain and jaw problems are really irritating, especially at night. Finding yourself stuck with consistent pain is something you are hoping to avoid. Maybe, you’re looking for a quick treatment that does not involve intrusive surgery. Not only is it expensive, but it is also a risk that you have to take. That reliable source of treatment to soothe the excruciating toothache may just be around the corner! Facial pressure points such as acupressure treatment may help soothe your tooth pain. Ask a professional acupressure specialist for consultation on what to do with these repeating tooth problems.

What is Acupressure?

Like acupuncture, acupressure is another traditional ancient medicine that is known to originate from China. This kind of physical therapy does not involve needles as seen in acupuncture. So, that’s good news that gives benefits of acupressure for you who’s not into intrusive tools and surgical needles. What makes it even more exciting and relaxing is how it’s very similar to having a normal masseuse massaging you. Except, there are facial pressure points that they need to locate to release that tension. Acupressure, according to Chinese traditional medicine, is regulated by Qi. This vital energy circulates in the meridian, which is a natural pathway from the body to the other parts. Acupressure helps balance Qi from the blockage if it occurs.

Locations Of Facial Pressure Points For Toothache Remedy

A number of pressure points can revitalize a person’s body through the use of acupressure. These facial pressure points are not limited to sooth a severe toothache. Some facial pressure points are located on the legs, arms, back, chest, and even the hands and feet can get your day started or let you relax at night. While these are great, let’s take a look at what are the important pressure points for decreasing the tooth pain.

Cheekbone Hole (SI 18)

This pressure point is a good way to treat tooth problems, especially for those experiencing temporomandibular jawbone (TMJ) issues. Jaw swelling and facial paralysis are also issues that SI 18 pressure points can help alleviate. To do this at home, use your index and middle finger at the lower edge of your cheekbone. It is located directly a few centimeters under the corner of the eye and nose. If you experience eye pain, visit an ophthalmologist in your area immediately.

Union Valley (LI 4)

Another popular pressure point used in traditional medicine helps fix severe toothaches as well. It is also known as the large intestine pressure point that is located in-between the index and thumb. Pregnant women should avoid this pressure point as it may stimulate labor.

Fluid Gate (SJ 2)Facial Pressure Points Teeth Neck Jaw Problems

SJ 2 (or San Jiao 2) is another pressure point that you can stimulate. At the dorsum in between your 4th and 5th finger, you can apply pressure for 1 minute. You will see the difference right away as it helps eliminate tooth pain immediately.

Inner Court (ST44)

Lastly, the inner court found in Stomach 44 is a pressure point widely popular in acupressure to reduce heat in the stomach. This excessive heat stimulates the blocking of Qi that aggravates facial pain, digestive disorders, and epistaxis. Use your index finger to apply pressure on the margin between the 2nd and 3rd points on your foot.

How Reliable Is Acupressure?

As of this moment, there are still no concrete signs or evidence with using acupressure for dental problems such as management of gag reflex or tooth pain. Although, it is very helpful as temporary comfort and relief. Of course, you need to get a dentist’s opinion for recurring tooth pain. It might not just be a toothache that you should worry about. This is most probably a dental disease that you need to get dental treatment for. Lastly, get a professional acupressure specialist that has a license and operates with a legitimate clinic for their services.


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