Can Chiropractic Assist Guided Tissue Regeneration? (Dental Therapy)

What happens when you get injuries during your football or running exercises? If you’re not aware, your tissue muscles on your face may have damage that can cause you extreme pain. A person can avoid these accidents by using the right gear for the activity. However, it is still inevitable for people to experience traumatic accidents. Of course, we do not want anybody to get into this situation. But what should you do during your injury? You can ask doctors about the benefits of therapies like the guided tissue regeneration procedure for your teeth. Can chiropractic be a part of one of these methods? Find out more about what you can uncover with the advantages of chiropractic for dental health. 

Causes of Tissue Damage In The Body

Is tissue damage a common health problem? Not necessarily. Although it is more prominent for athletes, mountain climbers, or biking enthusiasts. If you’re into physical interaction and sports, you should know how to prepare yourself. The good news about medical and dental advancements are different ways to heal. Chiropractic is an alternative but the safe procedure to assist guided tissue regeneration. However, before dealing with this fact, you should have an idea on some causes of tissue damages in a person’s body. 

Sports Injuries

A massive blow to the abdomen, to the mouth, or the arms may happen by accident. The first layer of the body is the initial protection that people can expect to have. However, our skin isn’t strong enough to avoid scratches, sprains, or twisted muscles. It’s painful to get any injuries in sports, especially knowing you may have brain damage injuries. Furthermore, sports injuries can also vary from mild to full rupture on the mouth and can cause tooth damages. 


When your tendon gets an inflammation or irritation, you may experience pain and tenderness outside your joint. Tendonitis usually happens to tennis players or football (soccer) players due to overuse of joints for kicking and swinging. It is best to rest after two to three weeks after your doctor’s advice and treatment. You may have to ask if you for additional chiropractic treatments to recover from severe cases of Tendonitis fully

Strains Due To Over-Exercise

Did you know that over-exercise can also cause problems with your tissues? If you’re not doing the right warm-up, you may risk yourself in getting your muscles damaged. Strains, sprains, and other nerve problems may complicate your teeth problems. It is best to prepare by getting wearing protective equipment. Mouthguards are one of the best dental appliances for guarding mouth injuries. 

What Is Guided Tissue Regeneration?

Guided tissue regeneration is a dental surgical procedure that involves the growth of new bones in the mouth. For support and stability, the Guided Tissue Regeneration Dental Therapyoperation must use artificial membranes to promote bone growth. There are new cases and research proposals that say guided tissue regeneration can help patients with Periodontitis. Through new ingredients, many are hoping to lessen side-effects of this procedure. Also, the method may have to rely on additional help by physical therapy as well. 

How Can Chiropractic Heal A Person’s Oral Problems?

Your jaw may not look like it’s part of your oral health, but since it is in your mouth, you may have to reconsider otherwise. Any blow to your teeth, gums, or jaw can cause severe tissue damages. If you don’t have any idea, then check out what are the benefits of chiropractic for your dental health issues. 

Benefits Of Chiropractic:

  • Specify point of pain
  • Relieve muscle pain safely
  • Promote blood flow 
  • Prevent accelerated decay of the body
  • Correct jaw alignment
  • Flexibility Of Ligaments And Muscles

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