Having strong bones and teeth is of paramount importance in this life. Bones constitute the support system of our bodies and our teeth  have an important effect on our diet and health.  Bones and teeth loss are health concerns of older men and women.  That’s why, we need our bones and teeth to be strong as early as possible in order to function well as they affect our over all sense of well being. There are things that you can do to keep your bones and teeth strong. For a strong and healthy teeth, you can visit Southern Smiles’ website for some very useful tips. Meanwhile, here are some of the ways/measures that can help in keeping your bones and teeth strong.

1. Boosting your calcium consumption. This mineral is an essential element in developing stronger bones and teeth. You can get this mineral from eating calcium-rich foods like the spinach and taking milk.

2. Boosting vitamin D consumption. In conjunction with the calcium mineral, vitamin D helps in strengthening bones since it absorbs calcium. You can get this from eating cereals, eggs, sardines and orange juice.

3. Doing exercises. This is one of the simplest ways to enhance your bones and the overall fitness of your body. The type of exercises that are considered to be effective are the weight-bearing exercises such as jumping, running, walking and stair climbing. These not only strengthens your bones but also boosts your bone density.

4. In addition to calcium and vitamin D, you also need other minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and vitamin A. They also help in the formation of teeth enamel and strengthening bones.

5. Consuming less caffeine. Too much absorption of caffeine in your body causes bone loss and interferes with the ability of the body to absorb calcium.

Other factors include

– Avoid smoking

– Proper tooth brushing. This helps to protect gums thus preventing any bone loss that may be as a result of gum diseases.

– Providing proper diet to children.


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