Neck Pain After Tooth Extraction: Warning Signs and Symptoms

The last thing you want to experience after a tooth extraction is severe pain on any part of your face or body. While some people may resort to regular daily hygiene such as gargling with home remedies or brushing their teeth, pain such as those felt after tooth extraction may need extra care. A worst-case scenario may involve infection or either mouth or gum disease. Prevention of these issues is available, but knowing what the signs and symptoms are should help you differentiate a worst-case scenario from normal pain.

Is Pain Common After Dental Work?

As a patient, you worry about the possible implications of pain immediately after surgery. Other times, you will need to check which of these indications need emergency help from a doctor. Pain is normal especially after a recent dental work in the tooth since anesthesia will die down after the treatment. It also happens due to the body coping with the loss or the body healing itself. In contrast, people may feel some pain aside from having a neck problem. Some expected issues are swelling gums, bleeding, or even dizziness. However, if you are experiencing unbearable pain with recurring symptoms or worse, these issues happen for more than a day, then get immediate medication or consult your doctor right away.

Possible Issues On Neck Pain After Tooth Extraction

Checking the symptoms of neck pain after a tooth extraction is recommended for you to take notes of these. Any further pain needs immediate response whether it may be a home remedy or emergency appointment from a doctor.

Dry socket (alveolitis)

Alveolitis also called as dry socket, is an exposure of a bone that causes further delay in healing. It happens when the lower back tooth or an adult permanent tooth is extracted and there is no blood clot after. Other forms of pain aside from the neck worsens in the ears as well. Patients are recommended for antimicrobial treatment and further diagnosis from a doctor to pinpoint the reason. Women taking oral contraceptives have a high rate of developing this dental problem. Furthermore, smokers that experience this pain are now more common due to the tobacco blocking the recovery of the wound.

Osteomyelitisneck pain after tooth extraction dentist consultation

Osteomyelitis is not a common problem after dental work but one should prepare for serious cases like this. Osteomyelitis is usually caused by bacteria that infect the bone. When the problem occurs, it infects the lower jaw located near the mouth. Swelling and tender muscles or bones are also symptoms of the problem. Further diagnosis is needed such as x-rays or other physical examinations.

Recommendations For Your Dental Concern

Since there are possible issues for neck pain after tooth extraction, the best way to solve the problem is to prevent it from happening. A lifestyle change is probably one of the most neglected treatment or immediate relief for dental problems. A person may need to stop smoking to prevent the blocking of wounds to be healed. In other cases, dietary lifestyle also needs to be changed such as consuming too many sugary foods or carbonated drinks. Patients also need to focus on relaxing and avoid further stress after dental operations like tooth extraction. Relaxation will help your body cope with the healing process.



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