Methods For A Perfect Dental Smile

Improving one’s teeth for a perfect dental smile may have been impossible in the past decades, but technology has given us more ways to make our smile stand out. Teeth are often damaged due to the excessive use of coffee and cigarettes as well as bad oral hygiene caused by plaque and dental cavities. Many processes are used to greatly improve the condition of your teeth. Options may vary depending on the person’s needs. Before you choose a method, make sure you talk to a dentist about it. A reliable source of dental information is


This is commonly used by cosmetic dentists to make teeth whiter. The stains caused by coffee, tea and cigarettes can lead to undesirable coloration of the teeth. Medication can also cause this. Bleaching is a simple process. There are some bleach powders sold on the counter but it is advisable to schedule an appointment with the dentist to get the desired results. Also, bleach products can be applied excessively over the counter leading to abnormal white teeth. It may not work if it is applied incorrectly.

Veneer and crowns

Veneers are porcelain pieces placed over the teeth to change their shape to provide a more aesthetic appearance and improve teeth in general. This is used for teeth that are coated, stained, wavy or irregular. They have a long life expectancy and generally require more visits to the dentist to make them perfectly fit.

The crowns are the most expensive alternative to the crust. It works in the same way as veneers, covering broken teeth, stained or wavy teeth. They are the longest restoration of cosmetic dentistry. However, they last longer and may require special preparation.

Dental Impladental implantnts

This is more time consuming as well as a radical form of cosmetic dentistry. Involves the use of synthetic teeth to be placed on the gums. There are many materials used but most always is implanted titanium. It is set on the gums and jaw bone using plasma or sandblasting spray.

This procedure requires cosmetic dentists as well as surgeons. This can be done in the outpatient clinic and the patient can return home after the operation but it will take longer and may require periodic checkups.


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