Exercises To Combat Text Neck

People usually spend up to five hours or more in a day just scrolling down on their phones. This is not a healthy thing as it can lead to some dangerous conditions like for instance text neck pains and aches.  To know more about this exercises visit https://www.audentalimplantsbrisbane.com.au/blog/.

Text neck condition tightens typically and compresses the tendons, muscles and the structures of the ligament that are found in the front side of the neck as it lightens those structures at the back side of the neck. Our heads usually weigh at around 10 pounds. For any single inch that the head tilts, the neck carries double weight, and this strain adds up over time.

We should, therefore, learn on some of the ways on how to combat text neck as ditching our devices cannot be the option to go with. Introducing ourselves to the right exercises and practicing good habits to help us prevent this condition is the way to go with.

Text Neck Exercises

Exaggerated nod

This type of exercise helps in counterbalancing the forward/downward position of the head by merely pulling the shoulders backward and down and thereby leading to increased mobility of the head.

Downward-Facing Dog

The exercise is helpful in the opening the chest wall interiors and also the shoulders that are usually tightened and rounded from too much tech usage. The downward facing dog exercise is all about the strength of the upper body meaning that those who lack depth at the shoulder, they need to do this by moving them upwards to their ears.

Chin Tuck

This is the most straightforward text neck relieving exercise that you can perform just right from your desk, while at the meeting or even at a stoplight. The training helps to increase the awareness of the spinal as the neck muscles are strengthened helping your head pull back your head into alignment.

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