TMD Physical Therapy

Temporomandibular disorder (TMD) is a disorder that affects the connective joint at the jawline. The joint is supported by a number of cartilage, muscles, intra-joint disk, and ligaments that allows movement of the joint. Jaw pain can result from any of those structures but mostly comes from the muscles. The neck mobility, posture, and muscle balance play an important role in joint function. The disorder is generally caused by teeth grinding, jaw injury, or as a result of arthritis. If untreated it can affect the alignment of the jaws, trigger teeth loss and other issues. In the case of teeth loss, no need to worry as you can find a prosthodontist in Sydney who can perfectly restore missing teeth. As for TMD, a combination of medications and tmd physical therapy can be used to decrease severe pain and stiffness in the jaws.

Patients who are diagnosed with TMD should be educated on how to live with the condition and the risk involved with jaw surgery. Qualified physical therapists can dramatically decrease TMD related symptoms and in some cases eliminate the severe headache related to the disorder. Manual TMD physical therapy includes hands technique which reduces muscle stiffness. The technique will improve the joint motion by triggering points around the jaw. It also decreases pain and helps the disk to move in a normal way. Some manual procedures are designed to reduce the jaw lock due to displaced dick. Using a custom-fitted mouthguard at night can heal the disorder if teeth grinding is your main problem. The mouth guard will prevent your teeth from touching each other. Eventually, the joints will return to their proper motion and the discomfort will decrease completely.

tmd physical therapy

Exercises such as max opening and lateral movement are highly recommended for TMD patients. Start by sliding your jaw to the left as far as you can. It’s recommended to supplement physical therapy with some self-care. You can massage your jaw to prevent stiffness. Applying warm compresses will also relieve discomfort.

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