TMJ Chiropractor: Do I need one?

Chiropractic care is more popularly associated with problems with the neck and spine, right? But did you know that there is a TMJ chiropractor who can solve your jaw problems? Get to know this type of chiropractic care by reading this article. You can also visit Infinity Dental Care’s clinic in Winston Hills for other TMJ treatment options.

The connection between chiropractic care and TMJ

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction or commonly known as TMD is a condition where excess tension or pressure is introduced to the joint and facial muscles that are connected to the jawbone, either by trauma, chewing, or grinding the teeth during sleep. Some patients with arthritis or gout also complain of TMJ pain. Moreover, some anatomic or hereditary conditions directed towards jaw displacement or malocclusion can also cause TMD.

Chiropractic care, on the other hand, is considered alternative medicine that realigns the musculoskeletal system by using manual manipulation and other conservative techniques. Since TMJ problems are directly associated with the jawbone and the joints, it is believed that chiropractic techniques can alleviate the pain and improve the condition of a patient suffering from TMD.

TMJ Chiropractor: How does he work?

tmj chiropractor

For TMD, chiropractors practically perform hands-on manipulations they normally do to their patients, but all are directed to the face, primarily the jaws and the neck. The chiropractor readjusts the alignment of the neck and gently repositions the bones on the neck to correct its placement in relation to the neck. Patients are expected to have more than one session of chiropractic to fully treat TMJ pain since the intervention needs consistent but gentle manipulations so as not to damage any nerves located in the neck.

If you are considering getting the services of a TMJ chiropractor or you are in doubt if you need one, you can always ask the opinion of your family dentist who knows your condition. His expertise and experience can guide you in determining if you are indeed a good candidate for a TMJ chiropractic session.


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