Vitamin and Mineral Supplements That Promote Bone Health

Healthy bones are something that is important to all of us, our bones are the framework of our bodies and keeping them healthy is important.

When thinking about your bones, you may think that exercising and drinking a glass of milk a day is enough to help you stay strong and healthy, but one of the best ways to maintain your strong structure is to make sure you are acquiring the essential vitamins. And minerals that promote healthy bones.

Adults do not always get all the vitamins and minerals they need; supplements can help with that. Osteoporosis or fragile bone disease, as it is also known, affects more than 28 million people in the United States alone. If left untreated, osteoporosis can cause loss of height, hump, bad posture and pain. Both men and women can be affected by osteoporosis, however, mainly affects postmenopausal women.

What Specific Vitamins and Minerals can be Taken to Help Prevent Osteoporosis?

Calcium is one of the essential minerals in the prevention of osteoporosis. The Mag 2: 1 Cal product from BioCare is the perfect ratio for optimal bone health.

Adults should consume 1000 milligrams per day and those over 50 need at least 1200 milligrams per day. We were always told as children that we should drink a lot of milk because it contained vitamin D and it would help our bones stay strong. Vitamin D is very important for the prevention of brittle bone disease. It helps your body absorb the calcium that is in the foods that you eat. Vitamin C helps build collagen, which acts as connective tissue in the bones.

Vitamins consist of a group of organic compounds that are required for normal growth and metabolism. Vitamins A D E and K are called soluble fats because they can only be absorbed, transported and used in the presence of fat. They have a protective effect on our cell membranes.

Vitamin K helps distribute calcium throughout the body and zinc helps produce bone-forming cells; adults need 30 milligrams of zinc per day. Minerals such as boron help the body absorb more calcium just like magnesium. Adults should have at least 600 milligrams of Magnesium per day and 2 milligrams of Boron per day. Copper helps promote the collagen and elastin that is needed to have healthy, strong bones; Adults should consume 1.5 milligrams of copper per day.

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While all of these vitamins and minerals are found in the foods we eat every day; adults may need an additional supplement to make sure they are getting the recommended amount. A multivitamin will often provide enough recommended vitamins and minerals that help maintain bone health. When choosing a vitamin and mineral supplement, remember to consider your daily diet. Excess calcium is excreted in the urine; Excess calcium can cause kidney stones.

Once the bone density begins, the quality of life will decrease along with it. The maintenance of health osteo, particularly in women, should be paramount for all. If you do not pay attention to the correct dietary intake in this regard, it will undoubtedly be costly.

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