Traditional Orthodontic Solutions

The traditional orthodontic solutions had not gained popularity as compared to the modern solutions. However, the treatment aimed at improving more than just your beautiful smile. Perhaps for people who embraced the treatment improved their overall oral health. Most of the people assumed that braces were meant only for children. But in reality, it also benefits adults as well.

Orthodontic treatments have gone through lots of modifications. Not so long back, such therapies were conducted only for aesthetic reasons. The scenario has changed since then. Now, people don’t mind spending a lot of money to get that perfect smile.

orthodontic wiresWhen undergoing traditional braces, most patients have silver brackets bonded on their teeth surface. These brackets have elastic bands attached to the edges commonly known as Wings. These wings’ are essential in holding the orthodontic wires in its correct place. So while brackets work as anchors, the wires gradually move the teeth to the required position.

The tradition experience with the orthodontic solution can be challenging. Patients are likely to experience some irritation and mild oral sensitivity. But this should quickly subside on the patient’s mouth to ease the treatment. Dentists always keep checking their patient’s progress to ensure the treatment process is safer.

Traditional braces are known as the oldest treatment in orthodontics. However, they remain the most popular methods used to correct tooth defects. Made from high-quality stainless steel, the traditional metal braces are most reliable, durable, and cost-effective giving a highly effective dental solution for almost any orthodontic condition.

Since dental deformity of one patient is different from the other, the treatment method needs to be unique too. While metal braces are always considered quite a useful tool to straighten uneven teeth set, the Invisalign method is preferred for certain situations. So there exists a significant difference when comparing modern and traditional orthodontic solutions when it comes to dental care.


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