Can A Chiropractor Fix Scoliosis?

Scoliosis, a condition indicating the sideways curvature of the spine, is mostly caused during puberty. Although, the primary timing of the issue is known what baffles the medical community and suffering patients is the root cause. Conditions linked to scoliosis include Cerebal Palsy and Muscular dystrophy. Chiropractors are thoroughly trained doctors who use hand-on spinal manipulation techniques to help relieve symptoms, mostly involving back pain.  

In theory, a scoliosis chiropractor should be able to assist issues such as scoliosis. Mainly due to the belief that correct musculoskeletal alignment will lead your body to heal itself without needing medication or surgery. Though this may be true on paper, sadly it is not the case. Scoliosis chiropractic treatment cannot possibly cure or rid you from the condition. All they can assure is temporary pain relief stemming from an improved form, therefore better joint function. When undergoing chiropractic treatment, you should recall the fact that although chiropractors have a high safety record, adverse effects may occur.  

A scoliosis chiropractor cannot provide medically proven treatment, but there are other ways to treat the issue. To understand any forms of ‘cures,’ you should first note that scoliosis entails a curvature of your spine. Such a curve can only be treated by surgery, reducing and stabilizing the spine but not necessarily restoring it to the norm. Specific exercises and regular chiropractic/spa sessions may temporarily reduce symptoms, but the only way to indeed affect change is by undergoing surgery.

scoliosis chiropractor

Depending on how far your spine curves (with a curve of 25 to 30 degrees being significant and 30 to 45 being severe) you should proceed with an earlier more aggressive surgery. Symptoms include uneven shoulders, the feeling of tiredness, numbness in legs, and more. Symptoms vary between different age groups that said, scoliosis should be observed amongst adolescents during puberty the most, as that is the most crucial time. That being the period where most curvature occurs (due to growth) and also the best time for treatment.


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