What Can Chiropractic Care Do For You?

There is always a standard that one has to achieve in order to have a smooth-sailing process or method. For the body, each system should function according to how each part works so as to maintain a healthy disposition. For instance, the cardiovascular system can work properly if the heart pumps sufficient blood, the blood vessels effectively distributes the blood without obstructions, and the blood itself is nutrition-filled. Such is also the case with our body alignment. If the spine is properly aligned, the nerves and muscles function correctly. But if the spine alignment itself is poorly maintained, many physical problems will arise. This is where chiropractic care is recommended. Let us find out what chiropractic care is and what benefits it can provide for our overall health.


What is chiropractic care?

Many have expressed praises about how effective chiropractic care is to their different body ailments, but what is chiropractic care in the first place?

Chiropractic is a health profession that centers on the function and condition of the spine and other joints of the body, as well as their connection to the nervous system. Literally defined as ‘to be done by hand’, chiropractic care uses different adjustments and manipulations to properly align the spine without resorting to medications and even surgery.


What is a chiropractor?

chiropractic care treatmentA chiropractor is a medical doctor that specializes in the primary care of the spine and the systems that directly gets affected by it. Given the title DC instead of MD, chiropractors focus on preventing, diagnosing and conservatively caring for any spine-related disorder or other painful joint issues that manual manipulations and stretching techniques can cover. While most countries consider chiropractors as licensed medical doctors, some would still consider chiropractic care as an alternative medicine option.


What are the benefits of chiropractic care?

More than treatment of back pain which is usually associated with chiropractic techniques, there are also some more benefits that patients get when they use chiropractic therapy in conjunction with their medical procedures and drugs. These include:

  • Promises faster natural self-recovery
  • Addresses relief from neck pain, headaches, and other medical problems like arthritis and fibromyalgia
  • Helps treat ear infections
  • Boosts the function of our immune system
  • Reduces digestive complaints and problems
  • Improves sleep
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Improves posture, gait, and balance


How does chiropractic care work?

If medical doctors use vaccines, medicines, and surgery to solve a sickness or body discomfort, chiropractors normally steer clear of these methods. Instead, they recommend manual adjustments and stretching methods and therapies to facilitate spinal alignment. Chiropractors believe that once you improve the health and function of your spine, the body systems directly connected to it will also function better.


Here are some of the most common manual manipulation techniques that chiropractors carry out and put into practice:

  • chiropractic care techniquesToggle drop
  • Motion manipulation
  • Lumbar roll
  • Release work
  • Table adjustments
  • Instrument adjustments
  • Flexion-distraction
  • Pelvic blocking


For more information about different techniques chiropractic care uses, here are some more adjustment methods that you can choose from:

  • Gonstead technique
  • Activator technique
  • Thompson technique
  • Diversified technique

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