Different health tips and supplements for bone health

We all know that our bones play a very important role in our body. They are our foundation so we can move and have structure. Together with all the muscles that we have, our bones hold together all organs and tissues in the body so that circulation, function, body shape, and movement are all possible and regulated. It is then important for us to care for our bones for as long as we live. This is the very reason why there are so many supplements for bone health available in the market nowadays. Let us discover some information about these different vitamins and mineral supplements for bone health and find out what food sources we can get them from.


Different functions of the bones

An adult has 206 bones in the body, and all these should be firm and sturdy to perform their functions. Aside from being the ones responsible for our posture, movement, and shape, bones also protect fragile parts of the body like the heart, lungs, and brain. It is also the prime source of calcium in our bodies. It also contains the blood marrow, a part of the body that is responsible for blood formation. These functions of the bones are very important so it is indeed necessary for us to make sure that our skeletal system is properly cared for.

Ways to keep the bones strong and healthy


Watch what you eat. It is already a given that we should eat plenty of vegetables to keep our bodies strong. Aside from that, it also contains natural vitamins and minerals that will be necessary for keeping our bones and joints strong and sturdy. Makes sure that you consume the right amount of protein every day, as this nutrient aids in the absorption of calcium and adds in the bone density and mass of the skeletal system even if you lose weight. However, there are some studies that show a negative impact in the body if you consume too much protein as it removes the calcium from the bones and retains it in the blood to neutralize blood acidity. So, it is safe to say that getting the right amount of protein in your diet is the best way to get your much-needed nutrients to keep them healthy and functioning properly.


weight monitoring for bone health

Maintain a healthy weight. There are some body-conscious people who calculate the calories they consume in a day just so they can watch their weight. Although we wouldn’t advise you to do just that, we would like to emphasize the importance of maintaining a healthy weight and BMI. Obese or overweight people would sometimes feel body pains particularly on their feet, back, and hips, and this is because their body especially their bones, cannot support carrying their weight for long periods of time. Your ideal weight would depend on your height and making sure that you are within the normal weight range would make it easier for your bones to carry and support you.


Exercise. Most workout enthusiasts would recommend going to the gym to strengthen and develop their muscles to make them look fit and toned. However, exercising and going to the gym can give you more benefits than just that. There are exercises that could help you build and maintain the health of your bones. Some workouts even stimulate bone growth, so the formation of new bone for aging adults may be achieved. Try performing strengthening and weight-bearing exercises like squats, pull-ups, push-ups, burpees, and more. You can also use weights from dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells, but do not overdo it as it may also cause strain in your muscles.


lifestyle change for bone health

Change your lifestyle. Aside from your diet and your exercise, you should also do something about your vices, like smoking and alcohol intake. We all know that our bodies will never have any benefit from smoking. In fact, it is the number one cause of several serious medical conditions like cancer. Not only that, but smoking can also affect the health of our bones and cause osteoporosis and osteopenia, both of which can increase the risk of bone fractures. Alcohol, on the other hand, can be harmless if taken in moderation. Apart from having a high-calorie content, most alcoholic beverages would not inflict any harm in the body if taken in small amounts. However, if you consume more than the average amount of alcohol on a daily basis, it can lower down the body consumption of calcium since alcohol acts as a natural diuretic that expels water and much-needed nutrients as urine. This will affect your bones in the long run and cause weakening, brittleness, and osteoporosis later in life.


Different vitamins and mineral supplements for bone health


As mentioned earlier, it is advisable to follow a healthy diet full of the necessary vitamins and minerals that you need to make the bones, and the body, healthy. Here are some vitamins and mineral supplements for bone health.


Calcium. Mention this mineral to anyone and they would undoubtedly associate it with bones. But not only is it good for your bones and teeth, but it can also play a significant role in the proper functioning of your heart, muscles, and nerves. Good sources of calcium can be from milk and other dairy products (cheese, yogurt, and whey protein), eggs, vegetable seeds, sardines and salmon, beans, lentils, almonds, leafy veggies, edamame, tofu, and figs. This is definitely a part of the master list for supplements for bone health.


magnesium for bone health

Magnesium. This mineral works well together with calcium in maintaining healthy bones. You can get your daily dose of magnesium in whole grain products like bread and cereals, nuts, and green vegetables. Though some may think getting it from natural means is enough, some doctors may also advise you to take supplements high in magnesium just to make sure that you get your needed amount every day.


Vitamin A. A good amount of Vitamin A in the body not only benefits for good vision and eyesight but also form strong bones and muscles. The normal formation, breaking, and reformation cycle of the bones have been found out to be influenced by Vitamin A. Hence, eating the right foods rich in this vitamin, like meat, fish, cereals, dark green vegetables, and fruits will help your body.


Vitamin B12. This vitamin is necessary for the bone-building process. Eating foods mentioned earlier and supplements with this vitamin can really aid in the development of healthy bones.


Vitamin C and Collagen. Also necessary for the formation and health of the bones and gums, vitamin C is a common supplement found in common fruits and supplements. Meanwhile, collagen is considered the protein of the bones, and taking supplements rich in collagen may not only benefit the bones, but also the skin, muscles, and other tissues in the body.


Vitamin D. This vitamin is definitely part of the important supplements for bone health. Vitamin D is necessary if you are already inflicted with osteopenia or osteoporosis. Vitamin D helps the body absorb all calcium from food and other sources. Unfortunately, there are very few food sources that we can think of that has this vitamin. Doctors often suggest exposing to sunlight (Vitamin D is also called sunshine vitamin) and taking supplements to get your daily dose of this important bone vitamin.


Vitamin K. Also associated with calcium, vitamin K benefits the development and formation of strong bones as it attracts calcium in the blood to get in the bones. It also aids in improving bone density, making them sturdier, lowering the risk of fractures. Supplements with vitamin K may not be necessary because most of the foods we normally eat contain this vitamin.

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