Acupuncture for Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding or bruxism affects approximately 9% of the total population in North America, report medical investigators Samar Khoury, Maria Carra, and Nelly Huynh. This condition, accordingly to the American Dental Association is responsible for provoking a wide variety of other problems likeĀ  headache, earache, toothache, sleep interruption and even damage to teeth and jaw which can lead to tooth loss. Good thing there are now dental implants that can restore missing teeth. They can be pricey though but you can try to check on for an affordable rate.

Teeth grinding is most prevalent in young to mid-age population – 18 to 40 years old – and up to 70% of its causes are related to anxiety and stress. With that in mind, dentists recommend patient’s to perform or enter into activities that promote relaxation or help them harmonizing their emotional energies.

Acupuncture for teeth grinding is broadly used in Asia and Europe, as this form of alternative medicine has proved -especially with diseases related to the mind – to be effective and fast in treating a wide variety of conditions. The energy points or acupressure points that have better results in treating teeth grinding are all located near to the ears and temple – as this energy channels ‘control’ the jaw and teeth. acupuncture for teeth grinding

The first point that has to be treated – with needles or massage for 2-3 minutes – is the Small Intestine point 19, located next to the tragus – towards the nose – which only “appears” when you open your mouth and feels like a small depression or cave. The second point is called the Triple Warmer 21 which is located about 1/2 inch above point 19 last mentioned, in this case – due to the sensitivity of the area – if this point is to be stimulated with the fingertips, a gentle massage is recommended. The third point to press or puncture is the Gallbladder 2, located about 1/2 inch below the above-mentioned point 19, a little bit above the ear’s end; this point can be better described as a sensible small mount in the temple. The last point to stimulate is Stomach’s 7, located about an inch -in a straight line -from point 19, towards the nose, again, this point is better to be stimulated with the jaw open, as it is a small cave or depression.

The purpose of using acupuncture for teeth grinding is really simple: to unblock or release all the negative energy – caused by anxiety or stress – that is accumulated in the jaw, and that is causing it to jerk repeatedly during the night.


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