Chiropractic tools

Chiropractic care involves a serious activity in the joints especially a misaligned spinal column. To correct the afflictions and the assorted pain, some chiropractic tools are needed. It’s therefore highly advisable that before seeking chiropractic care, one must know what to expect. The following are likely chiropractic tools you will find.     

Chiropractic Tables 

These tables are used to offer services of precision and extreme skill. This kind of table offers some level of adjustment by itself. These tables are designed specially to deal with different levels of chiropractic care. Examples of such tables are Flexion tables, Hi-lo tables, Elevation, Stationary, and Decompression tables.     

Activator Adjusting Tool  

This is the most common chiropractic tool that you’re likely to find with a chiropractor. The tool is of high speed but has a low force. It’s loved for its consistency and accuracy. It’s best needed when dealing with injuries.   

TENS Machine  

chiropractic tools

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It’s a small device with electrodes attachment. With this attachment, TENS machine works on the surface of the skin but helps in calming nerves under the skin through stimulating of nerves. With the advantage of their settings, the current, voltage and pulse widths are easily managed.   

Cold Lasers  

Chiropractors are commonly found using these handheld devices. They transmit lights that contain non-thermal photons. They are held over the skin from thirty seconds to a few minutes. The light travels up to the affected areas and is thus absorbed until it reaches the sensitive part of the cell it is targeting.   

Ultrasound Machine  

The ultrasound sound is used here just like in other situations. Ultrasound is aimed at reducing muscle pain. If you have movement dysfunction, expect your chiropractor to use ultrasound. It administers deep heat in the affected areas.     

There are several other chiropractic tools you might come across such as cryosauna and many others. The above five are the most likely to be found with many chiropractors.


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